Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pageant Head Shots

This is "S". She is such a beautiful and sweet girl! She is starting to get involved in pageants and really wanted some great head shots to use for the "Most Photogenic" part of pageant. She was such a natural and so easy-going! Good luck, "S"!!!! 


Maternity H+J

This is  horse field that belongs to Jami's parents and these gorgeous yellow flowers are actually a type of weed that grows wild. They were saved from the bush-hog (tractor) by Jami for this shoot! 

We had the pleasure of shooting these absolutely gorgeous shots of Jami and Heath, Ryan's cousin and her husband of two years, and their soon to be Miss Charli Bay before her birthday! The day was perfect and the setting, well check it our for yourself! Jami wanted the feel of the shots to be classy and timeless. We can't wait for Charli Bay's arrival!! Here is the link to the FaceBook Album. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, Twins!

Can someone please make time slow down! It seems like just yesterday we were meeting these tiny babies. Now they are a year old! And, boy, are they energetic! It probably didn't help that we got them hopped up on sugar when they smashed that cake, but it made for some cute pictures! We held this photo shoot a couple weeks before their actual birthday, so that we could use the photos to design invitations for their birthday party (which was precious, by the way, complete with an owl-shaped rainbow cake!).
The cake after the damage had been done.

It took him a minute to get started smashing, but after he got a taste, he dove in with both hands!

Little girl, normally so dainty, ended up with a frosting facial!

Wedding B + C

We had so much fun photographing the wedding of B and C!  The energy was high all day, and the bridal party was all smiles.  The bride and her bridesmaids had so much fun getting ready all together at the church, wearing matching robes!  The groom and his groomsmen kept us laughing!  The wedding was bright and colorful and full of excitement!  We loved getting to be a part of it!
Their rings resting on a Bible opened to their wedding verse.

B- what a lovely bride!

This picture really shows their personality! They are so excited and smiling constantly!

This bridal party really knows how to have fun!

Family B + C

Before B and C's wedding, they got in touch with us to take some family pictures.  Their plan was to give the framed photos to their parents the night of the rehearsal.  C's brother and his wife and their beautiful baby went first to take the pictures with B and C, followed by B's sister and her family.  We met the families at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens late one afternoon for the photo session.  What a wonderful idea they had to give their parents a lovely photo of their new families! These will be treasured keepsakes, I'm sure!

Wedding M + C

M and C's wedding could not have been more beautiful.  They are such an easy-going couple that it was easy to get caught up in their happiness and contentment.  You could see how in love they are and what a perfect match they are for one another.
M's dress was beautiful.  It looked like it was made specifically for her. She confessed to us that she found it in a vintage shop and had NO alterations done!


Before the ceremony, M's bridesmaids and daughters prayed over her for her marriage.  This was a truly beautiful moment.

"Tying the knot."  M's engagement ring is diamond with sapphires, and C gave her two small, diamond studded bands to surround it.

Little Caleb- 4 months

We had the priviledge this past June to photograph little baby Caleb and his beautiful Mommy.  It was a very warm day, and after a feeding, all he wanted to do was fall asleep in her arms.  We captured these precious moments, and felt very blessed to do so.  You can see and feel the love and bond between mother and son in these photos.  We can't wait to watch Caleb grow!