Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sarah Kate- 3 months

Remember this cutie?

Well, she's not quite so little bitty anymore! We had the pleasure of seeing this sweet baby girl again for her 3 month photos.  We shot on location in the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.  It was a great day for photography, with cooler temps and enough cloud cover so Sarah Kate could keep her eyes wide open (when she wasn't sleeping, that is). 

The headband and tutu were made by Tessa Goggans with "A Touch of Whimsy"

She loves blowing her bubbles! She got so fussy when we wiped them away, so we finally just let her keep them.

Happy in her momma's arms!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Family Photoshoot Outfit Ideas!

Scheduling a Family Photo Shoot? Here are a few trusted guidelines! 

 1. Just Say No to White Shirts and Jeans! Your goal should be to coordinate, but not be super matchy-matchy. Color is your friend! Patterns are great too! And yes, you can mix and match a bit. 

 2. Hardest to Easiest – It’s best to shop from hardest to easiest. If you start with the person who has the least amount of options, typically you don’t get too stressed and it can help narrow down the color scheme you want to go with. 

 3. Take Comfort Into Consideration – You should be able to sit, stand, lay down, jump, do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around in what you are wearing. If you are comfortable in what you are wearing it will show in your photos and vice versa. 

 4. Let Your Personality Shine! Unless you are doing a highly stylized shoot with a specific look, feel free to show your personality with your clothes. You will be able to treasure those photos for a lifetime if you allow your personality to show. 

 5. Let The Kiddos Dress Themselves – Pick out 2 or 3 “Mom Approved” outfits for them to choose from. Let them think they are in charge. They will be proud that they “picked” out their outfit and it will show! 

 6. Accessories Are Your Friends – When picking out shoes look for a fun color or style. Add headbands. Find cool socks (not those white gym socks!!). Wear a necklace that compliments your outfit. Don’t forget the little details! 

 7. Photograph It – Line up all your outfits together before your shoot and take a picture of them in natural light (raise your blinds or curtains to let in the natural light). Make sure you are pleased with the way the colors look together in a photo.

**Don't forget our May Mother's Day Special! Schedule a shoot before May 31, 2013 and receive 25% off the cost of a photoshoot!** 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Parker Elizabeth - 6 weeks

These photos were taken on the day of Miss Parker's baptism.  The gown she wore was previously worn by her mom when she was baptized.  Her grandmother purchased the gown from a tiny shop in Germany after she saw it hanging in a shop window on a trip to visit her family.